While wellness programs are generally focused on physical health, mental health is just as important a factor for increasing your staff’s productivity. Mental health plays an important role in defining the overall health and productivity of employees.

As an employer, you should give mental health the same importance as physical health and take pertinent measures to reduce job stress. The mental health of your employees is important for overall productivity in your organization, which is why you should implement certain measures that make your work environment as stress-free as possible.

Here, we mention some exciting and practical ideas that you can implement to get the most out of your wellness program. Follow these ideas to get the kind of mental health benefits you want your wellness program to offer.

Sleep Challenge

Many fitness tracker apps and devices manage and oversee the sleeping hours of employees to devise a proper sleeping plan for them. Sleep is important part for your employees, and you can have a small bonus in place for employees who have been able to get 8 hours of sleep on a regular and consistent basis.

Employees who haven’t had the luxury of sleeping that way should be offered tips on how they can get the right amount of rest.

Keep sharing better sleeping tips, and let your employees know that you care for them.

Summer Recess

Being inside the workplace for an elongated period of time can be quite stressful for employees. In a bid to limit the stress, you should provide the option of summer recess. Encourage all employees to go to a fitness center for 20 to 30 minutes every day to stretch their muscles and feel good about their bodies. The change in monotony will help in reducing stress.

Meditation Month

Meditation has been found to play an extremely important role in fighting off stress and anxiety. You can introduce the concept of meditation within your workplace by hosting a meditation month. Take this month as an excuse to teach employees about meditation techniques that they can easily practice with their hectic daily routines.

Have a trained meditation expert come to your workplace and impart the learning skills within your employees. These skills will go a long way in helping your employees become better versions of themselves mentally.

Chill Room

Have a chill room in the workplace where employees can go to and relax. The place should have colorful pictures around, and it should preferably be host to multiple games and activities as well. All of these activities will help in de-stressing your employees and getting them to focus on the things that matter.

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