Office politics can play a big role in messing up the way your organization works. What starts as a minor dispute between two employees can soon spiral out of control and lead to an even bigger issue. Organizations often face a conundrum when handling such disputes as they don’t have a clear plan of action that should be followed to limit office politics.

Knowing how damaging office politics can be for the culture of any organization, here we look at just some of the methods you should follow to limit the instances of office politics within your organization.

Practice Dispute Management

Dispute management is an important part of the politics dissolution process as you need to water the fire in the moment. Things can go out of hand if you let them linger on as they are. Have a dispute management procedure in place so that punitive measures can be taken in the moment rather than waiting for some other time.

Once you have settled the dispute, only then you should look for other policies to stop such disputes from arising in the future. Some tips you can follow here for dispute management include:

  • Pacifying the situation by hearing out both parties
  • Not jumping to immediate conclusions over which party could be right
  • Making sure that you are unbiased in your judgment

Hire Intelligently

Most cases of office politics come down to the inability of an organization to hire properly. You should hire people who sit well with the job you have. You also need to go the extra mile to ensure that your new employees aren’t the kind to develop any ill feelings against colleagues down the line.

While you cannot tell everything about an individual during the screening process, you can obviously get in touch with their past employers and ask about their behavior on the job from them.

Proceed with the hiring process only when you have the required knowledge with you.

Take Mentorship Seriously

You need to realize that mentorship on the job is extremely important. The employees working for you are your assets, and they need to be on their best form for the future. You can bring them to their best form by mentoring them through training sessions and by holding workplace etiquette workshops.

Encourage Workplace Companionship

A traditional approach to management would suggest that workplace companionships end up disrupting the productivity at work. However, we feel that workplace companionships can go a long way in ensuring that your employees feel good about each other and abstain from mindless politics.

You can discuss all strategies for minimizing office politics with JS Group Benefits. We have some of the most learned HR experts with us who can help you devise the right HR policy.