Hiring top talents should be your top priority and is an integral component of many growth-oriented companies. Recruitment is easier said than done, and for many firms, is a colossal task due to the sheer amount of paperwork involved including W4 forms, I-9 forms, and more. You’ve got to stay on top of these if you want to avoid being fined (or worse) by a surprise audit.

What are some of the best ways to attract top talent? Let’s discuss a few strategies below that should do you well in 2020.

1. Using Social Media

LinkedIn has its fair share of problems, namely, anyone can create an account these days, and who’s to say that the candidates’ credentials are actually true? Yet in most cases, LinkedIn has done a good job of giving you access to a massive talent pool. But don’t restrict your search for top talent (especially those millennials) to only LinkedIn.  There is Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram to hire employees.

Many brands utilize social media in their recruitment efforts, with different success rates, including Apple, Google, and Uber. Just make sure to create a presence that best reflects your brand’s policies and its overall ‘mission’, the latter being important if you want to attract those socially conscious Gen-Z workers.

2. Get an Applicant Tracking System

This software would save your company some serious time and money because it automates the process of finding qualified prospects and even posts relevant jobs. In most cases, this software includes one-click job posting to many sites, interview scheduling, and sorting applicants by experience, skill, and education.

Most applicant tracking systems offer a large number of options that can help you narrow down in your hunt for top talent.

3. Consider Looking at Niche Job Boards

If your job is a little too ‘niche’ for larger job sites, consider looking into niche job boards. These smaller job sites are devoted to job seekers and recruiters from a specific community. There are niche job boards that cover every discipline, from construction to retail.

4. Go to College Campuses

Try to recruit workers straight out of college. This can be done by aligning your company with internship opportunities. There are many ways of hiring newly graduated college students, these include attending career fairs, giving speeches at conferences (which is good exposure for your brand), and being featured on campus job boards. Make sure to ask your HR department to be more proactive in reaching out to colleges and universities.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Talking to Passive Candidates

Some people like to call this ‘employee poaching’, but there’s no harm in contacting employees who are currently employed elsewhere and aren’t seeking different opportunities. These candidates are more skilled and experienced. Make sure to remind them of your company’s existence through an email here or a LinkedIn post there. These ‘reminders’ are beneficial should they decide to jump ship.

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