After months of weighing on the pros and cons of the types of benefits you can offer your employees, you’ve finally come to a decision.

You’ve chosen certain packages that include basic dental, vision, HRA coverage. The only problem you have now is figuring out a way to communicate the types of benefits you’re offering to your employees.

If your employees don’t understand the types of benefits you’re offering, they’ll never be able to make the right decisions.

According to the Health and Workplace Benefits 2018 survey, more than 60 percent of employees say they understand the health benefits that they’re offered. But this means more than 40 percent don’t.

To overcome these problems, here’s what you can do:

Create a Medium for Benefits Plans

Create a specific medium where your employees can access their benefits package. This is where they should be able to gain information regarding the package they’ve chosen.

Whether it’s a wellness program or dental and vision insurance, your employees will be able to make better decisions if they know what they’re opting for.

For example: if you have a portal where employees can file complaints or access information about their salary; you can add a separate area regarding employee benefits on the same portal.

Add a Benefits Plan in the Employee Contract

By adding it to the contract, you can help new recruits learn about the advantages of the benefits you offer. This’ll allow you to go over them with the new employees you hire.

It’ll also allow you the chance to explain properly what you’re offering and how you empower your employees.

Hold a Presentation

Whether you offer benefits to seasonal or permanent employees, one thing is certain: you need to explain the perks of every benefit you offer.

When your employees know what they’re choosing, they’ll make better and wiser decisions. Holding a presentation every 6 months related to employee benefits can help your workers learn about the options they have.

This way, you can also show them how to choose different types of benefits.

For example: you can use a chart or graph to show how many employees choose a certain benefit, based on their age or requirements.

This will help new recruits learn about their options and which benefits will best suit their needs.

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