New companies around the country have adopted a shorter workweek to enhance work-life balance. As a result, they’ve found that productivity has increased and so has employee motivation.

In 2019, work-life balance is the ultimate employee perk!

If your employees can’t wait to wrap up and go home by the end of the day, shorter-work weeks will be much appreciated. Employees like knowing that their employers care for their wellbeing. Time and again, improving employee work-life balance has proven to benefit organizations.

Here’s why your company needs to jump on the work-life balance train:

1. It Helps You Stand Out

Traditional managers still haven’t figured out effective ways to improve employee satisfaction. They continue to believe that cutting work hours negatively impact productivity. But companies that have embraced work-weeks have proven that this isn’t true. Individuals work more efficiently with shorter work-weeks.

Organizations that have defined Objectives and Key Deliverables (OKRs) are more trusting employees. They don’t care how long their employers spend on their chairs as long as they have their work done.

If you’re one of the few organizations that offer shorter work weeks, it will give you an edge over other employers. Not only will your employees be more productive, they will also appreciate your efforts to keep them happy.

2. Your Employees Will Become Ambassadors for Your Company

Let’s be real, most employees are unsatisfied with their jobs and their employers. It’s very normal for people to complain about their work to others.

When employees are happy with their jobs, they make sure others around them know! People love to brag about work-life balance.

You may not realize it immediately but cutting down work hours will help you save on recruitment costs. Your employees will serve as talent magnets for your organization. It will reduce employee turnover and attract top talent too.

3. Your Employees will Work Smarter

It’s much easier for a well-rested, happy team to provide deliverables in a limited period of time compared to an exhausted, unsatisfied team that works long hours.

Studies have shown that shorter work hours increase productivity.  People have to do jobs to earn a living but their jobs don’t have to take away a huge chunk of their day.

4. The Improve Loyalty

When employees are satisfied with their jobs, they’re less likely to look elsewhere. By enhancing employee loyalty, you reduce employee turnover and the cost of hiring new employees.

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