A floor with dispassionate and unmindful employees doesn’t make for a good workplace environment. Not only does this lack of energy and vibe affect the charged staffer, but it also eventually translate into dipped profits and dividends for the organization.

There are many ways to keep employees motivated and engaged for better workplace involvement. In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can do this by adding some provisions to your employee benefits program.

1) Company Stock Ownership

“You are stakeholders in our organization”— employers usually make such statements to inspire and motivate their workforce. However, this sentiment often remains a lip service. With your employee benefits program, you can actually make your workers stakeholder in your business. Introduce a company stock ownership program so that staffer can also share the rewards of business profitability.

Small businesses that are not listed can also implement the same provision in their benefits program through a profit-sharing plan. When employees know that they are directly affected by the profit prospects of their organization, they grind harder and naturally show their involvement.

2) Training and Development Sessions

Employee benefits are not always about tangible rewards. There are some intangible benefits that you can offer your workforce in order to reward them and draw out their involvement.  For instance, a training and development program that entails on-job learning without paying any fee is a great way to reward your employees.

This provision of employee benefits program will also help you in equipping your existing workforce to deliver more productivity. In short, it’s a win-win situation. However, make sure that these training sessions offer some solid expansion to the skill set of employees. Otherwise, you won’t be able to engage and involve them as you are planning to do.

3) Flexible Work Hours and Offsite Work Arrangements

Those days are gone when employees were conditioned to stick to their workstations for the 9-5 time slot. With technology making everything convenient, it is important that you also offer your employees a flexible work environment. It has been observed that when people are allowed to work on their own terms, they show more involvement and do better.

However, it is important to keep those flexible setting in check. Otherwise, employees will eventually start abusing it. So, instead of offering this facility on general, make it a part of your employment program. Predefine the total number of remote word days in your employee benefits program that an employee can avail. Also, you can link the flexible shift timing with some progress targets.

4) Paid Time Off

There is no better treat for an employee than going to a paid vacation. If your employee benefits program has this provision, then you are definitely going to win an overall workplace involvement from workers. You can also spice up this benefit with travel and accommodation discounts.

Experts at JS Benefits Group can help you in devising an employee benefits program that will deliver the desired involvement and engagement results.