5 Ways to Approach Non-Traditional Health Benefits

Health insurance is extremely important for employees. It helps prevent financial troubles, in case workers require medical care. Employers usually offer two different kinds of health insurance programs:

  • Traditional Group health benefits
  • Non traditional health benefits

Companies that have adequate financial resources opt for traditional health benefits. However, for small businesses, it is preferable to go for non-traditional health benefits. Here is a look at some non-traditional health benefits you can offer:

Self-funded Health benefits

Companies that offer traditional health benefits work with insurance companies. They also need to pay premium to the insurance company on an annual basis. The rates of premium are subject to change.

On the other hand, companies that offer non-traditional benefits like self-funded health plans, pay all the money from their own pockets. There is no involvement of insurance companies. This also allows the company to come up with customizable health plan for different employees.


At the end of the day, the success of a company is directly related to the productivity of its employees. In order to prevent employees from burning out, companies often encourage employees to take some time off.

A recent survey indicates, sixty-six percent of companies that gave their employees some time off noticed an increase in employee productivity. The employees in such companies were also more satisfied with their current job and employer.

Benefits that address mental health issues of employees

In the past, employers and people in general were quite ignorant as far as mental health was concerned. All of that has changed due to increased awareness. Today, sixty-two percent of the companies offer benefits like mental health coverage.

These benefits involve counseling sessions for management of stress and dealing with crisis situations and can help companies ensure that their employees continue to stay productive. It also allows them to retain their employees and reduce rate of absenteeism.

Social gatherings

Another benefit of stress management sessions is that it brings employees together and allows them to communicate with one another.

At the same time, the company can also offer benefits like conducting different kinds of social events throughout the year, which gives employees an opportunity to come together, and personally get to know one another. This leads to a sense of belonging.

Indirectly boost wages of employees

An increase in wages can be a source of motivation for some employees however, not all companies can always directly boost the wages of their employees.

In such situations, they can indirectly increase the salary of employees by offering to cover the costs associated with health insurance.

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