Every strong employer brand consists of characteristics that make the company distinct. Employer branding helps companies attract and retain top talent while standing out from competitors.

Whenever a prospective employee is faced with the decision to accept or reject an offer from your firm, everything they’ve ever heard or seen about your company will impact their decision.

Companies that have a strong employer brand enjoy reduced cost-per-hire and attract triple the amount of candidates for every vacancy.

Here are the top 3 features of an effective employer brand that companies must adopt.

Strong Value Proposition

EVP – Employer Value Proposition is the foundation of your employer brand. Understanding how your company adds value to employees and what makes it unique is essential to building a brand.

The value proposition can be a combination of your firm’s stand out benefits such as workplace diversity, wellness programs, remote work opportunities, flexible timings, and office culture, etc.

Companies with the strongest employer brand make sure their value proposition resonates with employees and truly adds value to their experience.

Holistic Approach

To create a truly stand out employer brand; it is important to treat each employee, regardless of their stature as potential brand ambassadors. When people hear positive things about a company from the very people who work there every day, it lends credibility to a business.

By utilizing all stakeholders, especially employees, companies can be successful in creating a distinct employer brand with a personal touch.

Online Reviews

It is common for a prospective candidate to research your company online before they apply or before making the decision to accept an offer. With the advent of websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor, it is easy to gauge a company’s reputation.

Being active on these sites is critical to the success of your employer brand. Employers must monitor employee reviews continuously in order to understand how their company is viewed by existing or ex-employees.

A great way to show prospective employees that you care about improving employee experience is to actively engage in responding to these reviews. It is also important to note that you must seek to adjust your recruitment strategy accordingly, based on the reviews.

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