With 2018 having gone past us, 2019 is here to excite us with some amazing trends related to employee benefits. The world is changing, and every year brings a new challenge for the Human Resource department to give employees the kind of benefits that they are looking for.

Here, we look at some of the biggest employee benefit trends that you can expect down the line in 2019. Study these trends and prepare for them whether you’re an employee or an employer.

Freedom to Choose Own Health Coverage

While health insurance has been offered as an employee benefit for some time now, there are still some minor details that require attention. 2019 will see these details being covered.

One of the innovations that we can see in this regard is employers giving their employees the right to choose their own medical coverage.  For ages, employees had to live with the conventional medical coverage chosen for them by their employer, which is why this latest trend will be received with open arms.

Additionally, organizations will start educating employees on what is actually contained within their health coverage. There is some disparity as to what is contained within health coverage and how employees perceive it, so some education and training are required in this regard.

Family Friendly Measures

With so much competition for the top talent in the market, employers will soon realize the importance of being family-friendly and will implement such measures accordingly.

As part of these family-friendly measures, employers will implement paid parental leaves and ensure that employees can avail a caregiver leave. “State and local statutory paid-leave requirements may snowball in the coming years, and employers will be taking a closer look at how their leave management and time-off strategies impact productivity and compliance,” believes Simon Camaj, who is the national practice leader for Marcer’s.

Managing Emotion and Mental Health

2019 will also see managers and the HR department put more emphasis on managing and focusing on the emotional and mental health of all employees.

With workplace depression and panic attacks becoming common, organizations will realize the need to introduce management teams for emotional and mental health.

When framing policies that boost mental wellbeing in employees, organizations will likely consider common mental illnesses such as anxiety, addiction, depression, and stress, and other psychosis disorders like Schizophrenia.

The efforts in this regard will go down well with employees, as they wouldn’t consider the office to be a hell-like place for their mental health anymore.

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