When it comes to gaining an edge in the highly-competitive talent recruitment market, your employee benefits program can put you one step ahead of the others. If you’re recruiting candidates that you absolutely want to bring on board, a well-planned and market competitive benefits package can serve as an invaluable strategy to seal the deal.

In fact, 60% of people deem employee benefits to be a major factor in helping them consider a job offer. So when relying on your employee benefits program to help you during recruitment, considering when you should bring it up during the process should be well-calculated.

Read on for a few tips to help you out.

The Job Posting and Recruiting Process

If you’re really interested in attracting certain qualified individuals, there’s nothing wrong in bringing up benefits right off the bat. That being said, there are probably a number of ideal candidates that you’ll be recruiting to fill the slot. For this, you’ll want to entice the candidates with a hint about your benefits package in the job posting.

But remember not to be too explicit. First off, you will want to ensure that the candidate is ideally applying for the job because they find your goals in alignment with theirs and are actually interested in a long-term career with you. Secondly, you want to retain something to close the deal when the time comes.

The Phone Screening Process  

Conducting an initial screening via a phone call before the interview will further help you discern whether the candidate has the required communication skills for the position.

Discussing employee benefits during the phone call can be a premature step. After all, the purpose of the call is for the employer to filter out any candidates. But if you fear that the candidate might be entertaining other offers, it won’t hurt to mention the attractive benefits package that can be further discussed during the interview.

The Interview Process

The interview is where the real game starts. This is where you tout your benefits program in all its glory. If during the interview, you’re certain that the candidate is the one for the job, you can start selling the job offer. Just make sure it doesn’t come across as an implied employment offer.

If you have something truly unique in your employee benefits program, make sure to highlight it. But you must carefully tread the tightrope of not attracting candidates solely based on the benefits package.

The Job Offer

When you’re finally offering the position to the candidate, this is an obvious stage to detail your employee benefits package. Make sure you’re discussing in detail about the program without leaving anything out so that the candidate is crystal clear about what’s on the table. Also, leave some room for a Q&A in case the person has any questions.

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