Dealing with a toxic work environment can be challenging for both managers and employees. What if your workplace culture has always been toxic? What if you have always been letting down employees and have killing creativity in the workplace?

Well, regardless of how long your culture has been toxic, there is no reason why you cannot turn the situation around now. A toxic work culture can be turned around with the right efforts from the HR department and your management.

Identify Problematic Behaviors

The first step to turning around a toxic work culture is to identify all types of problematic behaviors within your office. Every organization has its own environment and work culture. What could be a problematic behavior in one organization might not be marked as one in another.

Some of the common problematic behaviors include:

  • Bullying of employees by senior people
  • Gossiping that leads to eventual decrease in productivity
  • Poor communication between members and unclear expectations from the management
  • Politics within the workplace, which leads to favoritism and nepotism
  • Expecting employees to sacrifice their work/life balance by asking them to be present at work at all times.

These are all warning signs that should be identified immediately for you to counter the hazards of a poor work culture immediately.

Plan Your Repair Strategy

Once you have highlighted the possible problematic behavior of your employees, you can then draft a repair strategy that you deem best for handling such instances.

The repair strategy should take into account the work that you do and the level of communication that is required within the workplace. Don’t be too hard on specific individuals and make sure that you improve the organization as a whole.

Listen to Your Employees

Once you implement the plans that you have made above, you should also make sure to listen to your employees. Do not put yourself in a situation where your employees aren’t being heard. Your employees are the ones directly experiencing the work culture around them, so it is your responsibility to make sure that their feedback is heard.

Managements that cut off employees from decisions regarding the work culture often suffer the brunt of this ignorance in the form of poor employee involvement and a toxic office environment.

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