When organizations talk about employee benefits, they usually think of pension funds, paid vacations, and overtime pay.

But according to a survey, job candidates admitted that dental insurance is on top of their list when they consider applying for a job.

A report published by MetLife shows that while basic benefits are important, most employees want dental coverage.

Why Is Dental Coverage Important?

Research shows that individuals with poor oral hygiene are unable to perform well in workplaces. Poor oral hygiene affects the ability of employees to get tasks done, hampering productivity.

A report published by Harvard Health Publishing shows that poor oral hygiene can also lead to diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and other chronic illnesses.

By offering dental coverage, organizations can help employees learn about the importance of taking care of their health. Educated employees make wise decisions and healthy employees are able to give their hundred percent at work.

It can also improve their quality of life. Some employees cannot afford dental coverage or overall health insurance. By offering these benefits, you can improve their lives and earn their respect/loyalty.

Build a Connection with Employees

One of the perks of offering dental insurance (or any other type of medical insurance) is that you build a connection with your employees.

You understand their needs and requirements better. You offer solutions to help them become more productive in the workplace. But most importantly, it can help save costs.

There are plenty of dental insurance plans that are associated with networks of different providers. These providers offer services of renowned dentists and specialists. Choosing an in-network dentist when using a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) can help you save costs.

In addition, these networks and oral health insurance providers follow “50-80-100” rule.

This means that the plans include:

  • 80% of common procedures
  • 50% of major dental surgeries
  • 100% of preventive care and cleaning procedures

With 64.7 million Americans diagnosed with some form of gum disease, a dental coverage plan can prove to be extremely beneficial for employees in the long run.

If you’re unable to offer full-coverage, remember that partial-coverage is also a viable option.

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